Removing Barriers for Limited-English Speaking Voters

Imagine that English is your second, or even third language and you want to vote in an upcoming election. If you speak Chinese or Vietnamese you can get a voter pamphlet and ballot in your language and soon elections materials will be translated into Spanish and Korean as well. Starting this summer, we will begin working with community-based organizations to increase awareness and voter registration in all of the above mentioned communities. The voter registration form itself is also translated into the following languages: Somali, Tagalog, Ukrainian, Japanese, Arabic, and Burmese.

We are laying the ground work now to partner with a variety of organizations to get the word out about translated materials in creative ways. Relying on the input of people who live and work in a targeted community will be the key to how well each of these communities are informed about upcoming elections, translated voter materials, etc. Making decisions that are sustainable for the long-term as well as positioning voting as a community-focused event are two key goals of this partnership.

The idea that every vote counts is particularly relevant at the local level when residents are called on to help make decisions about schools, fire departments and parks.

We should make it as easy as possible to exercise the right vote!

Spanish and Korean voter registration form and voting guides
Spanish and Korean voter registration form and voting guides