All You Need to Know About Recall Elections

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Recall elections don’t happen very often in King County, but when they do, they provide an opportunity for voters to decide whether or not to remove an elected official from office. Recall elections must occur before the end of the elected official’s term. Continue reading

Want to Run for Office?

King County Elections is hosting two candidate workshops for anyone interested in running for office in the County.  The workshops are free and open to the public. Come to either workshop to learn how to file for office and submit your voters’ pamphlet information. We’ll also discuss campaign sign regulations and provide basic information on campaign finance.


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Here’s the List of Offices up for Election this Year

More than 330 offices are up for election this year, including the Seattle Mayor and the King County Executive. Here’s a complete list of offices subject to election in 2017.

King County voters have a great track record when it comes to voting in presidential years. The 2016 General Election saw an 82% voter turnout. Turnout was even higher in 2012 when 85% of our voters cast a ballot.

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