Here’s the List of Offices up for Election this Year

More than 330 offices are up for election this year, including the Seattle Mayor and the King County Executive. Here’s a complete list of offices subject to election in 2017.

King County voters have a great track record when it comes to voting in presidential years. The 2016 General Election saw an 82% voter turnout. Turnout was even higher in 2012 when 85% of our voters cast a ballot.

While it’s clear that most of our voters show up for presidential elections, many sit out of local elections. Local elections have a much lower turnout. In the November 2013 General Election when many local government offices were up for election, turnout was 47 percent. Even fewer people participate in special elections. Only 29 percent of voters cast a ballot in the February 2016 special election.

20150510-CandidateFiling (2)
File your candidacy online or in person at our office in Renton.

Whether you’re a famous comedian like Dave Chappelle, who recently spoke at his town council meeting, or a private citizen, local elections impact us all. Ballot measures can determine if your town gets a new school or fire station, and your councilmembers can raise or lower taxes. So this year, remember to vote!

And now that you know what offices are up for election, you can also throw your hat into the ring. To become a candidate, you must complete and file a Declaration of Candidacy, meet the qualifications for the office at the time of filing and be registered to vote in the district. You can conveniently file your candidacy online or come into our office. Check out the 2017 Candidate Manual for more information.