Meet the Elections Canvassing Board

Ever wondered what a Canvassing Board is? If you haven’t heard the term before it’s unique to the elections process. A Canvassing Board is a public entity that conducts a formal assessment (“canvass”) of an election. The assessment includes reviewingElection2016
vote totals, determining the validity of challenged ballots, certifying the vote and administering a recount. Every county in Washington State must have a county canvassing board.

All King County Canvassing Board meetings are public and typically take place at the King County Elections headquarters located in Renton. The board meets to
officially certify each election.

By Washington state law, the county auditor serves as the county Canvassing Board chair. Other members include:

  • Auditor/Director of Elections: Julie Wise
  • Prosecuting Attorney’s Office: Kevin Wright
  • King County Council Representative: Anne Noris