We’re Building Your Ballot

While November 8th may seem like a long way away, for us it’s right around the corner. Ballots have to go out to our military and overseas voters next week, which means we’re building your ballot for November right now!

The process is a bit of a technical one, but there are essentially five main steps:

  1. We collect all of the relevant district and precinct information from our database.
  2. Next, all the ballot stuff goes into our Global Election Management System (we call it GEMS), namely 21 local and 9 state measures and 68 races with 130 candidates.
  3. We create headers, organize and format everything.
  4. Some magic happens and out pops all of the unique combinations of races and measures (because you get to vote on different things depending on where you live). For this General Election there are 109 unique combinations of races and measures. And because we do each in five languages, that means 540 different ballots!
  5. Each is proofed and checked to make sure everything is accurate and stays on a single page.

And there you have it – a lot of work goes into creating your personal ballot. So make sure you vote it!