How a Citizens’ Committee Helps Maintain the Integrity of Elections

Elections and voter registration systems are back in the headlines. And all the talk about alleged voter fraud may have you wondering how King County measures up. But did you know the County has a group of citizens whose job is to help maintain the integrity of our elections system? The Citizens’ Elections Oversight Committee (CEOC) was established in 2006 by King County ordinance with the mission “…to help King County restore and maintain public confidence in elections.”

The CEOC is tasked with making recommendations to improve processes and to help ensure that the work of the Department of Elections is transparent and meaningful to County residents.

The CEOC meeting in October 2016.

The committee is comprised of 12 members, and two non-voting members. Members are appointed by the Chair of the King County Council and confirmed by the County Council. Members include representatives from the county Democratic and Republican parties, the Chinese and Vietnamese-speaking community and registered voters. Here’s a full list of members.

The committee meets monthly at King County Election’s headquarters in Renton where Director Julie Wise and other staff provide updates on current operations. Just recently the committee was briefed on a project to upgrade elections equipment and our pre-paid postage pilot for the February special election.

Committee members also produce an annual report to the King County Council. The report gives an overview of the committee’s activities during the year, as well as recommendations on communication and outreach and process improvements. More recently, committee members helped us secure locations for new ballot drop boxes, particularly the one at the University of Washington. They also played an active role in the process to replace elections equipment.