General Election Message from the Director

Dear Friends,

We make choices every day, from what color shirt to wear to what kind of latte to drink. But when it comes to life’s important choices, many of us let others do the choosing for us. I’m talking about the choices we make by voting. My job as an election administrator is to make democracy work – and democracy works best when everyone has an opportunity to make their voices heard. It’s my job to facilitate that. But, I can’t do it without you.

Not enough of us vote in local elections, which have the biggest impact on our quality of life. Turnout during the 2017 primary was just 34%. That means a third of the voting population decided on measures and determined which candidates would go on the General Election ballot. If you didn’t vote, the choices were made for you.

We can do better this time around. Our local elections are when you get to make choices about city council and school board races, local initiatives and fire district levies, propositions to fund parks and school construction. Those are the important choices about our community and we have to do better.  Use your voters’ pamphlet as a starting point for information on all of the races that impact you.

Please remember to vote and return your ballot by November 7. Don’t leave it to a few people to make the choice for you. It’s your vote. It’s your voice.

~Julie Wise