Here’s how to Track your Ballot…and More!

Election Day is approaching and you’re wondering: where’s my ballot? Or you’re not even sure if you’re registered.


We’ve now made it easier than ever to find the information you need. Our new My Voter Information application helps you view your voter registration, track your ballot and even check your voting history.

Voters can see their current voter registration information, as well as the deadlines to update their registered address. And, voters eligible for the current election can see their voter registration details for the election. They can also see the candidates and measures on their ballot with links to the candidates’ statements in the voters’ pamphlet.

During an election, you can track your ballot at four different stages.

  1. Ballot sent: the date your ballot was sent and some tips for voting and returning your ballot.
  2. Ballot received: when we receive and sort your ballot.
  3. Signature verification: you’ll see this step if your signature doesn’t match the signature we have on file for you, or if you forgot to sign your ballot return envelope.
  4. Ballot counted: when your signature is verified and your vote is counted

And finally, you can check out your voting history since 2004. Besides English, My Voter Information is available in four other languages: Spanish, Korean, Vietnamese and Chinese.