General Election 2017: Ballot Drop Boxes with the Most Returns

More than 53 percent of all returned ballots were brought to a drop box during the General Election. That’s the highest usage of our drop boxes yet! About 295,000 ballots were deposited in a drop box, versus 257,000 ballots mailed through the U.S. Postal Service. Voter turnout in King County was 43 percent.


The 2017 Primary Election saw 48 percent of returned ballots brought to drop boxes. During the 2016 General Election, a majority of returned ballots (51.4 percent) were returned to drop boxes.

We added 12 new ballot drop boxes this year, for a total of 55 drop boxes. About 94 percent of county residents now live within 3 miles of a drop box.

Here’s a look at the top 20 drop boxes with the most returns.

  1. Ballard Branch Library: 18,695
  2. Redmond City Hall: 13,647
  3. Crossroads Shopping Center: 11,816
  4. King County Administration Building: 11,776
  5. King County Elections: 10,739
  6. Burien Town Square Park: 10,463
  7. Federal Way City Hall: 9,925
  8. High Point Library: 8,991
  9. Lake City Library: 8,849
  10. Seattle Central College, Broadway-Edison Building: 8,562
  11. University of Washington Campus, Schmitz Hall: 8,129
  12. Sammamish City Hall: 7,800
  13. Bellevue Regional Library: 7,690
  14. Shoreline Library: 7,642
  15. Green Lake Community Center: 7,441
  16. Broadview Library: 7,292
  17. Issaquah City Hall: 6,803
  18. Woodinville Library: 6,740
  19. Kirkland City Hall: 6,324
  20. Regional Justice Center: 6,229

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